God Uses Imperfect People to Forward His Kingdom and Save His Children

Don’t forget to vote!

Let’s face it, that’s all He has to work with. We were born perfect, but as soon as we reach the age of awareness / accountability, we learn (hopefully) that we carry the stain of Adam’s transgression, which can only be removed by the blood of Christ. Then, God begins the process of our perfection anew:

And we all, with unveiled face, beholding the glory of the Lord, are being transformed from one degree of glory to another. For this comes from the Lord who is the Spirit. 2 Cor. 3:18 ESV

And yet, God has used people who had yet to seek Him out and latch onto that process. Moses, for example, was a murderer and a coward; but God used Him to free His children from the Egyptians, bring them His Law, deliver them to the promised land and author the first five books of the Bible (via Holy Spirit inspiration).

Again, God took a shepherd boy and made him a king. This king (David) went on to commit both adultery and murder. Yet God used him to unite Israel and to defend it against their enemies. Furthermore, He made King David a vessel for the Holy Spirit-inspired book of Psalms so that His children could learn how to approach Him to have a better relationship.

God gave King David’s son (Solomon) an enormous amount of wisdom both to rule Israel in a godly manner and to impart it to His children (in the book of Proverbs) so that we could live godly lives. He also showered Solomon with vast riches. Yet in spite of all this, King Solomon married wives who practiced pagan religions and allowed himself to be led astray from God by practicing the same.

However, our merciful God lifted up this fallen king, and restored Solomon to Him, simultaneously revealing the dangers of his treachery and of his dive into worldly excesses. Again He imbued Solomon with the Holy Spirit so that he could reveal the same to us in the book of Ecclesiastes.

God also used the pagan king of Persia (Cyrus) to free the Jews from captivity in Babylon.

Lastly, Jesus grabbed a hold of Saul of Tarsus by the spirit, who was a torturer and murderer of Christians and transformed him into the Apostle Paul. Paul came to be Christ’s foremost advocate, filled with the Holy Spirit, enabling him to write the majority of the New Testament.

God can employ anyone for His purposes…

It is in this vein that I want to depart from my usual biblical discourse and hopefully only present a one-time foray into politics. My intention is not to tell you how to vote. However, because I believe this country is at a historical life-threatening pivot point, we must be sensitive to when God is calling.

There has never been a starker difference between two candidates. Please weigh the differences, pray and vote as God directs you – but vote! We have never had more divisiveness, religious persecution, abuse regarding our beliefs, inept and dangerous foreign policy, lies and deceit and oppression from the executive tyrant and his elite lackeys in both parties, in the present administration.

We’ve had eight years of a purposeful directed assault on our foundational American liberties and way of life. We had to suffer through the latter half of that time because in 2012 Christians sat on their hands and stayed at home – refusing to vote for someone whose faith wasn’t exactly like theirs. He was a flawed candidate that God could have used, and in all respects was clearly the superior candidate. Too bad that same candidate is currently stumping for the elites and concentrating on his ego instead of the welfare of this country.

Presently, we have one candidate that was a cabinet member of the present administration, who promises us at least for more years of the same turmoil but magnified – saying the president hasn’t gone far enough in anti-American actions. This candidate is the elite’s elite – worth over a quarter of a billion dollars, and has said publicly that she cannot identify with the struggles of those less fortunate.

This candidate cannot run on her record because she has none to tout. She is part of the problem. In the administration of her spouse, (and of the next two succeeding presidencies) the debt of our nation has skyrocketed. In fact, our standing president has racked up more debt than all of the previous presidents in history combined. This presidential contender promises more of the same by bloating our massive government with yet more unsustainable spending programs that will finish breaking the bank. The party she is part of believes that government can solve everything. Yet invariably, the free market / private business outperforms the government in every way, at vastly less expense.

This candidate sits at the top of the pile of corruption that embodies our government. Her foreign policies led to the deaths of an ambassador and the brave soldiers who tried to come to his aid. She is complicit in the destruction of Libya and Syria, selling weapons and information to Russia and Iran (all for cash for a ‘charity’ foundation) and she passed that information from her home server, a crime for which she has lied about.

This contender represents the extreme wing of her party, who has an addiction for a governmental system that had failed worldwide (socialism), has no respect for the Constitution, no respect for America (open borders), lusts for perpetual power (thus the clamoring for left-leaning immigrants and their votes to destroy the two-party system), pushes our children into harm’s way (forcing them to expose themselves to sexual predators in gender-bender restrooms), dumbing down future generations (common core), and killing innocent unborn children by the millions.

Finally, they seek control by keeping half of the population dependent upon their welfare system – creating generations of those who live on the dole with all hope of personal achievement leeched out of them. Furthermore, in order to keep the masses ignorant of their machinations, they engage in perpetual war – even now rattling their sabers against Russia and China (all the while sucking up to Iran for the oil) to distract us. And the mainstream media walks in lockstep, leaving any residual of journalism behind.

I’m not telling you how to vote. If all of that appeals to you, follow your conscience…

On the other hand, there is a presidential contender, an imperfect person, who has said and done what we Christians would call ‘sinful acts’ in the past. He has repented. He is loud-mouthed and brash. Okay.  He’s got funny hair and a comical way of breathing during a debate. He offends those who are easily offended and who use that offense for their own gain.

No, he’s not polished. He doesn’t know how to be politically correct. Maybe that’s a plus? He’s had no experience as a politician. But what has that ‘experience’ brought us? Mayhem and misery.

He calls it like it is. He says the government is broke and on the edge of disaster. Much as the elites would have us believe that we are in a economic recovery, it is nothing but mendacious propaganda. The stock market is teetering on the brink of a crash, (adjusting for inflation) wages haven’t increased in twenty years, the government wants to take your cash away and force a digital money system upon you so that they can watch your every move, they ‘over-regulate’ business out of the U.S. and export the good jobs – destroying the middle class; and then they import cheap immigrant labor to benefit big business. This is happing on both sides of the elitist aisle.

Yet, this businessman’s opponent would have you believe all is well, the senseless celebratory frenzy can still go on, and for those who disagree, ‘Let them eat cake.’

The businessman is not one of them. He knows about money, how to run a business, and he doesn’t need our cash. He’s running because he loves our country, not because he thinks it needs to be morphed into some globalist agenda. You have to wonder why the whole world has stood up against this man. Is is possible that they don’t want him to upset their plans to perpetually siphon the life out of all their constituents?

Is the businessman perfect? No. He is imperfect – like Moses, King David, Solomon, Cyrus and Paul. But God can work with that. What He can’t work with, is those who persist in the rabid denial of who He is and live outside of His word.

Whatever you decide, please vote. This is not just a presidential election. This has the real potential of determining (through the nomination of new Supreme Court justices) the law of the land and the survival or death of the Constitution – that document that created a country and a government that created a land of opportunity that the entire world longed to be a part of.

Not voting is voting for more of the same. Look for yourself and see how you can best support God’s kingdom.

Goodnight and God bless.


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