For Our Children’s Future

The best way to stop our age-old adversary dead in his tracks is by empowering our children with the truth – by keeping them aware, creating a safe home environment and helping them see the strength of God within them. That way, they won’t open the door to the enemy in the first place.

So if we want to raise conscious (godly) children, we ourselves need to become conscious parents first, so that we don’t infect them with our old unconsciousness. We need to think and act the way we want our children to.

How does that look? Mom and Dad need to co-create a home that provides peace, love, joy and exhortation – a place that nurtures a thriving family in an environment free of hostile conflict. This breeds an atmosphere where the children could immerse themselves in the experience of being a child as long as possible.

‘Family’ is the single most important, most sacred expression of relationship. God Himself created it through His first established institution – marriage.

The commitment to that marriage is inviolate in the minds and hearts of conscious parents. The children draw from the strength of that commitment – forming bedrock they can cling to, a template that is planted into their consciousness from which they can successfully base their future relationships upon.

Conscious parents spend time with their kids rather than shipping them off to government-indoctrinating preschools or after-school programs and sports they have no interest in – just to satisfy vicarious needs some unconscious parents’ attempt to satiate through their children, in order to fill some perceived hole in their own upbringing.

Mindful Moms and Dads express their love for one another – setting the example by practicing loving speech, with no tolerance for criticism, sarcasm or disrespect. We don’t want our children to suffer the pain of the unconsciousness we had thrust upon us. However, we must teach them about this deleterious mindset so that they can find a place in their hearts to grow selflessness, compassion and a desire to reach out and help others find freedom from their pain.

Children are mini versions of us. They want the same things: love, acceptance, understanding and acknowledgement. They need to get those things from their parents and see Mom and Dad giving them to each other. We can help them be peace and love by seeing that in us.

Let them know that your love (just like God’s) will never be withdrawn. Teach them that who they are is totally lovable, and that the only thing they ever need to do in life is apply their best efforts. Tell them it will always be enough.

Inform them that we don’t have all the answers. It will make you more human, allows them to be the same and takes the pressure off of all of us. As a family, come together to pray to have those answers revealed from the One who does have them.

Tell your children life is sometimes difficult and that they will make mistakes. Whatever the outcomes, they only constitute lessons to be learned; but who they are remains flawless. They are a unique gift from God and everyone else possesses their uniqueness as well.

Break bread as a family. Mealtime provides for bonding, structure, routine and it increases your kid’s ability to communicate. It allows them to be children a little while longer yet teaches them civility as well. They eat healthier, their vocabulary increases, they learn problem solving and everyone gets to know each other on a deeper level.

What it’s not is a place for entertainment media distractions (computer, headphones, telephone, TV, radio, etc.) That only breeds inattentiveness and a loss of connection with the juice of life.

Give your children reasons for wanting to stay home. Make it fun, interesting and exciting through your interactions with them. Strive to make their experience different and transcendent from your own.

Children will be children. The tools that they have are limited to their level of maturity. There will be infractions. Mom and Dad must present a ‘united front’ regarding discipline. Consequences must always be delivered for noncompliance – in exactly the way you taught your child they would if they disobeyed. Parents must enforce their own boundaries so that the children will do the same and have respect for the boundaries of others.

Remember, all discipline must be applied with love and forgiveness.

A child cannot get too much love. Praise them for who they are. Let them see the joy that they bring you. You are their world. They are lost without you. That’s why it’s such an abomination when unconscious parents are cruel to their kids. As you’ve learned, a child does not blame their parents for their atrocities they blame themselves. Your children need to know that you are a safe refuge in times of trouble. If they don’t feel that way, they’ll go to someone or something else for comfort.

Give them all your attention so they learn how to live in the present moment. Channel their interests into beneficial and moral pursuits. Teach them to love learning. As we teach them, we must evaluate the contents by asking ourselves, ‘How is my child likely to interpret what I’m saying? What will it cost them to do what I want?’ The right answer to both these questions is ‘In ways that will make them grow.’

Finally, teach them to trust the guidance provided by their spirit and to seek their true value from God.

We cannot be a perfect parent, but we can give them perfect love…
Goodnight and God bless.


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